Protect Your Rights After an Accident

With daily commutes and personal errands being a necessity for everyday life, you spend much of your life on the road. All of the time you spend on the road opens the opportunity for accidents to happen. Auto accidents are one of the most common causes of personal injury in the United States.

The probability of sustaining an injury during an accident is relatively high, with 2.5 million injuries occurring due to auto accidents on American roadways a year. Insurance companies rarely cover medical injuries completely and fighting insurance companies on your own is a daunting task. If you are involved in a car accident that results in harm, you must seek legal representation to win the compensation you deserve.

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Trust Us With Your Car Accident Case

Just because you have auto insurance to protect you and your vehicle after an accident does not mean you will be prepared to answer all of the questions that come along with accidents resulting in injury. Our personal injury attorneys at Flores Law Group have the experience and knowledge to help you when it is time to find answers.

When you work with us, we help you find answers to the many unknowns of an automobile accident, including:

  • What action should I take after an accident?
  • What if I contributed to the accident?
  • When should I talk to my insurance company?
  • Should I contact the other driver’s insurance?
  • What if the other driver doesn’t have insurance?
  • How do I seek compensation for what insurance doesn’t cover?
  • How am I going to cover medical bills?
  • Will my time out of work be covered?

Automotive Accidents That Could Result in Personal Injury

The majority of automotive accidents are a result of negligence. That negligence could result from physical or mental distraction, a disregard for traffic laws, or reckless behavior. If you sustained an injury in any of the following situations, you need to open a case to receive compensation for your injuries:

  • Reckless Driving: Accidents involving reckless behaviors such as speeding or general carelessness.
  • Distracted Driving: Accidents caused by distracted drivers include handheld cellular device usage, losing focus on the road due to roadside distractions, looking down in the vehicle to eat food, or adjusting the radio.
  • Impaired Driving: Any car wreck that occurred due to impairment due to intoxication or drug use. In Indiana, any driver with a BAC of more than .08% is considered over the legal limit.
  • Automotive Defects: Accidents that occur due to faulty safety devices like airbags or seatbelts, braking systems, or defective tires.
  • Poor Road Conditions: Poorly maintained roads or inclement weather could cause incidents resulting in damage to your vehicle or injuries.

In any of these situations, it is crucial to have the support you need to determine the cause of an accident. Police reports after an accident can leave out critical pieces of information that can keep insurance companies from covering your current and future medical bills. Choosing a qualified personal injury attorney to determine the cause of your accident can be the difference between proper compensation or years of medical debt.

What You Should Do After an Accident

Car accidents are traumatic events that can cloud our judgment and cause us to make poor decisions regarding our personal safety. When you experience a car accident, be sure to take the following steps to protect yourself physically, mentally, and financially:

  • Contact the Authorities: Don’t try to negotiate an accident without the police present. Having an officer at the scene of an accident ensures that you have legal proof of the accident itself.
  • Gather Evidence: Before moving your vehicle, be sure to take pictures of the damage to every car involved and gather as much information as possible about the other driver.
  • Seek Medical Treatment: Even if you don’t feel the physical effects of the accident immediately, you should seek medical treatment. Many injuries don’t manifest themselves right away due to the adrenaline spike caused by the trauma.
  • Hire an Attorney: Taking the proper steps to gather information for an insurance claim still might not be enough to earn what you deserve from the insurance company. Working with a qualified personal injury attorney gives you added support and an advocate fighting for your case.

Involvement in an automobile accident is always a high-stress situation. Choosing to take the proper steps and hiring support for your case gives you the peace of mind to reduce personal stress.

Determining Fault in Indiana Motor Vehicle Accidents

Indiana utilizes a fault-based system when determining liability in an accident. The party holding the majority of the blame for the accident can be held liable for the medical bills and other losses of others involved in the accident. Additionally, some cases result in partial fault from all parties involved.

Insurance companies use these fault percentages to determine claim amounts. This method often causes those involved in the accident to receive less compensation than needed for their medical expenses. Hiring a personal injury lawyer makes it possible for you to receive the compensation you deserve for current and future medical bills.

Don’t Wait to File a Claim

If you have suffered a car accident in the state of Indiana, you have a limited amount of time to seek legal action. The statute of limitations for car accidents involving personal injury is only two years. After that time, you can no longer file to receive compensation through legal processes if it has not already begun. Don’t wait to seek the counsel you need to cover your injuries–contact us at Flores Law Group today!

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Flores Law Group dedicates itself to ensuring our clients receive the help they need after experiencing a car accident. You no longer need to worry about the insurance companies because we take that fight from you to ensure you get the compensation you need for current and future medical expenses. Our dedicated team will help you gather the information you need to create the best possible case and then use our courtroom experience to secure the support you need after your car accident.

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